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Workmanship for Ace inflatable wet and dry slide
Dec 28, 2017

1, Steps and Handles  

Climbing cloth is attachable with Velcro same as the slide sheet, while regularly, we will make the handles beside the steps and strap handles on the side walls. We use 5cm thickness EVA steps and 8cm Width Velcro.


2, Safety Netting on the top of the slides 

The application of the safety netting is made to prevent people from jumping directly on slide top and getting injured. 

Especially European customers would think highly of the security matters, so we will make the netting on all slide top.


3, Digital Printing (Optional)

Both wet and dry slide, is optional to be with digital printing. Some customers may worry about the color fading, scratching or water erosion.   

We need to explain to customers that after printing, we have professional machine to spray the protective oil, so our printing is durable enough without the above-mentioned problem. But we should be careful of the sharp objects like glass fragments.  


4, Blower tubes and air deflation  

4.1)We use air blower to inflate the water slide and dry slide. 

Generally, blower tubes are on the back of the slide, one curved one straight. But customer can choose all straight tubes if they want. 

There’s strap with buckle on the blower tube’s end to hold the blower as the picture showed


4.2) The air release zipper with Velcro cover is as the picture showed, and inside the zipper we made air stop flap, so when there is a sudden cut off the electricity, it can slow down the air releasing, so people have enough time to leave the inflatable. Except for slides, we make all our great toys with it.