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Workmanship for ACE water slide.
Dec 27, 2017

1, Water drainage system


We make water outlet device so water can come out easily when you open the flap of the water outlet device, and also there is water outlet eyelets at the bottom of the inflatable base, and the swimming pool is no bottom so if to remove the cover, the water can get out of it.



2, Slip n slide connection way


The slide part and the slide way is connected like sandwich to guarantee the stability as picture. 3 layers material with 4 pieces velcro.



3, Detachable material piece to protect the force bearing points tearing, this making way is Ace’s exclusive creation. 



4, All the slide N slide will be with a cap like below is also making for release the pressure when people staying on. So it can help to avoid the material and the seam’s tearing effectively.