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What we should do when using inflatables
Jan 06, 2018

Ground handling: Inflatable trampoline inflatable and deflation are very convenient, there are many operators have chosen to run the business to find the right place immediately inflated to start operating, in pursuit of fast and neglected the ground handling.

Be careful of the sharp objects, broken glass on the ground, iron wire, hard small stones are all need to clean up before using inflatables, so as not to scratch pierced the trampoline bottom, resulting in serious leaks, not only exhausted electricity and increasing costs , But also shorten the normal service life of inflatable.

So before inflation, the ground should be cleaned up, which will not take up too much time but it can promise the good condition to use inflatable. If the ground potholes are not too flat, operator should put a cloth mat on the ground before using inflatable. 

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