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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Inflatable Products:
Sep 12, 2017

1, keep the product clean, to regularly wipe with water.

2. Keep the product dry. Waterproof, moisture-proof, mainly the protection of stitches. Always cool and dry after rainy or humid weather.

3, glue adhesion conditions: A: Air drying, B: temperature above 20 degrees Celsius.

4, glue adhesion method:

A: Wipe the sticky strips and the glued cloth,

B: Stick and glued on the cloth to be uniform and thin,

C: To be on the cloth on the surface of the glue until white and then bonded, and forced extrusion.

5, children often rub rubbing suture, new stitches must be glued to the line traces to protect the line. If the stick strips off to be timely fill up.