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Inflatable's Future Development
Jan 03, 2018

Plastic processing industry as a new manufacturing industry, as the rapid growth potential of the future pillar industries, the market demand, and good prospects for development, despite some difficulties, but compared with other light industry, plastic processing industry is still in the growth phase In the transitional phase of maturity, there is tremendous room for development. We must strengthen our confidence, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, speed up structural adjustment, accelerate the process of high-end, persist in innovation-driven development, strive to overcome difficulties and ensure a steady and healthy development.

At present, the plastic processing industry is entering a period of strategic transformation that is driven by innovation and driven by development. The task of speeding up the transformation of development mode, optimizing structural adjustment, narrowing the technological gap with developed countries and making efforts to achieve industrial upgrading are arduous and arduous tasks. At the same time, it faces the complicated and ever-changing macroeconomic environment issued by the international financial crisis. It faces the responsibility situation that the new and old contradictions and challenges are intertwined. The industry faces serious challenges. All of these urgently require the plastics processing industry to further unify their understanding and reach consensus. Plastic associations at all levels should further strengthen exchanges and cooperation and work together from top to bottom to form a concerted effort to jointly promote the steady and healthy development of the industry.