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Inflatable Equipment And Maintenance Methods Available Throughout The Year
Sep 12, 2017

First of all, inflatable swimming equipment afraid of scraping. It's like our clothes, even good cloth is afraid of scraping. Therefore, when you use inflatable swimming equipment, you must ensure that there is enough space to put down the product, and the ground must be flat, there is no hard object, the ground is best to spread a layer of color cloth, carpet and so on. While the children are playing, be sure to forbid them to carry hard and sharp objects up, it is best to let them take off their shoes to play.

Second, inflatable swimming equipment afraid of drag. When you need to move the operating position of the inflatable swimming equipment, even if it is a short distance, you must first pack and then move, if the inflatable swimming equipment directly on the ground to drag, then over time will be very easy to wear.

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