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Common Troubles And Exclusions Of Inflatable Castles:
Sep 12, 2017

1, paste requirements: First in the toy to paste and cloth on the glue, and then airing to half a minute, the cloth paste to the pasting place, the pressure flat after the edge, Paste finished.

2, the toy is scratched: the stroke is longer than 5CM application sewing seam connection, then use cloth or cloth sample paste. The stroke is shorter than the 5CM and can be pasted directly.

3, seam open: first with the sewing of the openings at the seams, (or from the bottom of the air cushion to enter and sew) can be pasted in the way to handle the mouth firmly, at the same time consider beautiful.

4, beautification of the edge: with a small brush at the edge of the daub at the right amount of glue, a little stop after pressing the press to paste firmly.

5, Degumming: Some easy to wear parts long time after the use of easy to degumming, can be used to cut into different forms of cloth paste at the degumming place can be.