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Inflatable Tent FAQ
Sep 12, 2017

Q: What if the inflatable tent is leaking?

A: If you find a leak phenomenon, you can first wipe the air column clean, and then use soapy water to smear the surface to check the leak point. If the leak is a small hole, can use a small piece of circular repair cloth (any size of inflatable tents are standard inside), and then brush the glue, after the glue dry (important, must be waiting for special glue dry) affixed to the leak point, bonding tight. If the gas column is open at the hot joint, the following steps can be taken:

1. Clean up the bonding surface first.

2, inflatable tent will be equipped with bottle of glue, inflatable tent gas column special glue, brush it on the pre-adhesive surface, you must brush evenly, the thickness of the appropriate, brushing fig. Two times, you can glue.

3, the Viscous interface shape must be designed into a circular or oval, as far as possible to avoid square and sharp angle interface shape, lap width can not be less than 30mm.