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Congratulations On Ace Inflatables Being An Inspection Body By RPII

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Ace Inflatables has been supplying the inflatables for their loyal customers for year, inflatables conform to EN14960-2013 standard. 

Early in June, Mr. Zhengqiu Lei, and Mrs. Ronghua Lei from Ace Inflatables production team came to England and did the offical test by RPII Register of Play Inspectors International 

Both pass the test at high scores, 105.5 and 103 (total score is 110). 

Now Ace Inflatables is an Inspection Body as defined by the European Standard and RPII Register of Play Inspectors International We are able to carry out initial safety tests and issue certificates if your units meet the EN14960 European Safety Standard. 

The picture below was taken after we pass the test on June 8th 2018. 


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