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Top Quality Inflatable Toys From Ace Inflatables Ltd.

- Nov 13, 2017 -

  1. Quality material: Plato 0.55mm 18oz 1000D pvc tarpaulin, lead free, waterproof, flame retardant and UV resistance, EU and USA standards approved, like EN71, DIN4102, ASTM, etc. The net is also from Plato,1000D, same strong as the 1000D pvc tarpaulin.


2. Neat stitching, professional stitching machine SEIKO brand, durable 12 strand nylon thread

which is highly abrasion resistant and rot proof.


3. Quality digital printing, hand painting, etc, with protection oil which makes the

printing also lead free and UV resistance.


4. Extra detachable sheet, it protects inflatables better. When the sheet is worn out after used for years, you just replace it with a new sheet easily and the inflatables will not be damaged at all.


5. Red webbing reinforcement. On all high stress points, like access areas, column joints,

etc, we use quality red webbing on both outside and inside to reinforce, so that those points

could hold together better and last for years.


6. Overlapping both inside and outside with yellow straps. Then every pieces can

hold each other very strongly, so the inflatables could be used over 10 years.


7. safety net on top of slide slope, to make sure people slide down instead of jump down

and get hurt.


8. Upper anchor points on each slide, much enough for tieing down the slide and make it

more steady.


9. Water outlet device, so water will not be kept in the base of the



10. Safe inside air stop flap. Everybody makes an air flap over the air release zip for protection, other than this, we make an additional air flap inside the air release zip, so when there is a sudden cut off of the electricity, it can make the air release slowly, so children will have more time to leave the inflatable.


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