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Inflatable Bubble Tent

Inflatable Bubble Tent

This transparent inflatable bubble tent is with a tunnel entrance, is used for camping and as a hotel to sleep. You can also put furniture such as bed in it. Clear dome design is good for enjoying outdoor landscape. You will have a wonderful experience if using this tent....

inflatable bubble tent

Are you looking for outdoor camping tent?

This inflatable bubble tent is a good choice for you.

You can put furniture such as bed in it. Clear dome design is good for enjoying outside landscape.

It is 12.8x11x7.9ft, can hold 2-3 people. We accept customization, can change the size to meet your requirement.

Material is Plato 0.6mm pvc tarpaulin for the white part and bottom cover, 0.8mm clear pvc for the transparent part.

It is with an air tight inflatable tunnel entrance, is convenient for people to get inside. And the design is also good-looking.There are two U shape zipper door on the tunnel entrance, you can open the door from outside and inside.

You need one air pump and one interior air blower to inflate the bubble tent. Air blower should be working continuously.

Please take care to use the air pump, when the inflatable tunnel entrance is inflated 90%, stop inflating and there is an air valve to avoid air leak.

There are more pictures you can refer:

Please kindly note that the bubble tent can't be used in very cold weather.

Because pvc material is not cold-resistant.

If you have interest, please contact us for more informations.